Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Welcome to Mark, Jennifer and Niyla's Adoption Blog!

Welcome family and friends to:
Mark, Jennifer and Niyla's Adoption Blog!

Mark and I are EXCITED to announce that Niyla will have a little brother or sister joining the Maynard family!  We are beginning the process for our 2nd adoption and are asking for your kind support as we embark on this next journey.  We are with great anticipation for our new child to become a Maynard!!  It's hard to believe we are starting this journey again, but we are!  Our daughter is 8 months and the current waiting time for families is 18 months (double a biological pregnancy) so we figured there's no better time than the present.  

Writing a blog for our first adoption was a great way to connect with people and most importantly to record our daughters journey.  So, we will use this new blog for Baby "M" to post updates, information about the process, fundraisers etc.  We hope you will also use it to post your encouraging comments and questions about our journey along with sharing your stories, too.
To begin our journey 2012...
  • We have chosen to work with Bethany Christian Services as our agency once again. 
  • We have completed and received approval of our preliminary application 
  • We have begun the completion of our 50+ pages of the formal application!  WHEW!  Let the fun and writing begin!
  • We are also having our first fundraiser which we invite you to be a part of by clicking the fundraiser tab at the top.  It truly is the MOST wonderful TIME of the YEAR!
 What's in store for 2013?
  • Completing and receiving approval of our adoption home study
  • Completing our Dear Birthmother Letter
  • Completing our online profile and video
  • Applying for grants
  • Fundraisers
  • Attending our 30 hours of required adoption classes
If you have any questions about our journey or adoption, please feel free to post them on our site.  
Thank you for joining us on this 2nd journey.  We appreciate your continued support and encouragement and we grow our family through adoption!

3 + 1 = 4

Mark, Jennifer and Niyla

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