Monday, May 6, 2013

Avoiding church on Mother's Day...

Why do some women avoid going to church on Mother's Day...I know I hated it for many years!  It was the dreaded moments of all the moms being pointed out, brought forward, flowers given, mother's standing or children passing out the gifts they made in children's church.  I know some won't understand this line of thinking and that's ok...You probably haven't experienced that sad side of mother's day like I and others have experienced.  Pastors are doing their best to give honor to women who are mother's...I get that.   I know they mean well, but it makes it VERY awkward for many women with a silent disease or painful reminders.  In the process of some being honored many are alienated and made to feel like empty shells because they either don't have children or can't have children.  Put so well in this blog...I’ve got the parts, just not the goods.

Can this be avoided?  Absolutely!  If so, how? 

If you are a Pastor or a person in leadership with a voice at your church, I really hope that you will read the blog link below and consider sharing it with your Pastors.  Mother's Day may just be the one holiday that a woman agrees to go to church and I know the last thing any one desires is for someone to feel alienated because they aren't a mother in the traditional sense of the word.  Then there's the flip side of those who've lost their mothers and have to encounter a painful reminder that their loving mother is no longer here to celebrate the day.  There are many other situations addressed here that are joyful and situations that we need to be reflecting upon to ensure everyone's loved, included and represented in their own story.  I pray you will read, share, educate and be a part of healing someone's heart this mother's day!

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