Monday, October 14, 2013

3 days in a row!

Last week we finally had some movement in the waiting part of our journey! It's been 8 months now since we completed our home study and have been waiting for profile opportunities. Our agency shows the longest waiting families first so we knew at the time that it would be quiet. However, we are prayerful that even though the wait averages 19 months, that we are above average and appreciate all of you who send notes, messages, prayers and words of encouragement. Every time someone likes, comments, writes a note etc. it helps give us the boost and push of encouragement that is SO very needed on this long wait as this part truly is one of the hardest parts. Last week, a friend sent me a message that she had heard about a women who is considering an adoption plan for her child and asked if they could share our profile. Absolutely was our response and we are so thankful that they thought of us! Although we don't know if this will end in our adopting this child, one thing's for sure...this birthmother has chosen life and for that we are thankful. Secondly, we are thankful that a friend was thoughtful and shared our adoption profile to help us in the part of our journey. The very next day we received a profile opportunity from an out of state situation from our agency. They received many profiles so the wait to hear whether we'll get to the possible next step continues. So, we are encouraged knowing that God is working on our behalf and He is using friends and our agency. I can feel things moving and every day we are closer to Niyla's baby brother or sister! The next day we received two more profile opportunities, which unfortunately we had to turn down as they weren't a good fit for our family. So, with all of this we know God is working behind the scenes on our behalf and on the behalf of a teeny tiny baby that is growing in our heart's and in someone's womb somewhere. We continue to pray for our baby and the birthmother every day that they are healthy and that all their needs are met in Jesus name. Here's our profile in case you come across someone that is considering adoption for their baby. If you have a Facebook, Twitter, Blog or other avenues that you can share this, you are welcome to do just that. We thank you for your support in this way! You just never know who God will use to help make our family complete. But we know He will use someone and we know when the time is right, He will move on our behalf.

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