Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Opportunities and Numbers...

Well, since July, here are some fun statistics that you may enjoy hearing about as you follow our journey. We've had 1 out of state opportunity through a different agency and 1 out of state opportunity through our agency. The remaining situations have been through our local office or through friends that we know. Our social worker has informed us of 6 opportunities, of which, 3 of those we've chosen to have our profile shown. The other situations we chose not to proceed forward because they were challenging situations that weren't a good fit for our family. We have been approached by 2 friends who have told us about possible adoption situations. 1 birth family has chosen to parent and we haven't heard about the other situation. At this point, we haven't been chosen to meet with any of the birth families to be considered as the adoptive parents of their child(ren), SO...our journey of waiting continues...

How does this impact us? Our agency has had several matches with birth families and several placements, which means we are moving in the right direction. In July, we were 14th on the list of families waiting and now we are 7! Our agency shows longest waiting families first, so it's great news that we are now in the top 10 because the likelihood of seeing more opportunities of birth families considering adoption and desiring to meet with adoptive families is increasing. The process is long. Adoption isn't a choice where you just decide to adopt and bring your baby home, but the process is very involved, time consuming and full of a lot of waiting to see what happens. As you may imagine, this can really try a person's patience and emotions! As of February, we've completed our paperwork, homestudy, social worker visits, background checks and the required 30 hours of adoption classes and then the wait began. We've now been waiting about 9 months. We continue to hope that the average wait time of 19 months won't be our story because we pray that we are above average! It's rough being looked over when we are presented to a birth family and they don't choose us. However, God has shown over and over that He's directing our steps and where each child belongs. Knowing this helps us keep a proper perspective. Nothing in the adoption world is wrapped up in a pretty bow and it's certainly uncertain! It's a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, hopes and disappointments and being considered and passed by. We continue to choose to put things in His hands and if we try to pick it up and take the control, He reminds us to lay it back down at the cross where His will has already been finished and accomplished. The entire journey is a role of surrender and relinquishment of control. Of course, we aren't robots with no feelings so with every situation we hear of whether through our agency or through friends, we have a wondering, hopeful mind of what might me...just as anyone would. It's just the frailty that we have as human beings that can't be helped or avoided. It doesn't mean we don't have hope or faith, it just means our soul can speak very loudly at times and we have to remind ourselves that God is in charge, not our soul, our feelings or our emotions. It's easy to write, much less easy to hear and do. So, as you read this, think of us, see posts here and there, please continue to pray God's will as we walk out this journey of faith and His promise to us of growing our family through adoption. However that may look, we don't know exactly, but in the middle of quiet and sometimes dark places, He knows what it looks like. Knowing this gives us great confidence because He works everything out for us. This we trust and stand upon.

Thanks for reading...Please feel free to continue to share our profile as you have opportunity and are led. We appreciate your support in every way.

With love and hope,

Mark and Jennifer

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