Wednesday, February 19, 2014

38 hearts...

WOW!  38 people have joined the "Mother's Love Fundraiser" and have helped us get many steps closer to our journey to Baby "M".  When we began this fundraiser a month ago, we started with the $8,450 of our own finances, which has covered our application and home study fees.  Our overall goal is $21,450, which left a pretty big gap in funds needed.  In addition to the 38 hearts that have come along side us to help in our 2nd adoption, we heard from Forever Families Ministry in Port Washington, WI, that they are funding a $1,500 grant for our adoption!  Praise the Lord!  All of these things combined have helped close the gap and brought us to $10,850 total raised!  We are now more than 50% away from our total goal!!!!!!!!!!  If that's not enough to make me shout, Jubilee Christian Family Church of Franklin, WI, is hosting a fundraiser on behalf of our Journey To Baby "M" on March 9th at noon, in response to the "Mother's Love Fundraiser" letter.  Talk about loving forward! 
Where does that leave us?  We only have $10,600 to go.  I know what you're probably thinking...that's still a lot of money.  Well, in one large chunk it is, but it would only take...

424 people giving $25 

212 people giving $50 

106 people giving $100.  

Well, I think you get the picture.  Remember, as you respond to our fundraiser, you are responding to Christ's call to care for the widows and the orphans.  (James 1:27)  You aren't giving to a fund, but a life.  This is something Mark and I, along with our next child are forever grateful for and your monetary gift makes an eternal impact...something we simply can't put a price tag on!

Much love,

Mark and Jennifer
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