Sunday, March 9, 2014

Once upon a time there were...

...3 people who wrote a letter to invite more hearts to join in the journey of growing their family through adoption.  The response of 42 hearts (and counting) joined with the 3 hearts in an effort to make their way to precious little feet named Baby "M".  Then the Lord sent a woman named Sue, who was led by the spirit of God with many sweet treats.  She joined another woman named Kristy, and her husband, Jim, who had a lot of spaghetti!  This group of 3 people had an idea and their Pastor liked it!  So together, their church sought to bless the 3 hearts to help them become 4 hearts.  Many other friends and family from other churches around, came together on a Sunday afternoon to enjoy Sue's sweet treats and Jim's spaghetti!  After a lot of planning, preparation, prayers, kind words and a whole lot of love, they blessed the 3 hearts beyond what was imaginable!  The littlest of the 3 hearts had a blast with all her new-found friends running around and enjoying a sweet cupcake.  The 2 adult hearts were so blessed and felt so loved that they were left practically speechless!   WOW, UNBELIEVABLE, FANTASTIC, LOVED, ENCOURAGED, GENEROUS GIVERS, THANK YOU were the only descriptive words they could muster through the tears of joy that poured out through their overflowing 3 hearts of joy. 

Truth is, this isn't a fairy tale, but a real live story!  The 3 hearts are Mark, Jennifer & Niyla. 
You may have guessed it - Sue, Kristy, Jim, Pastor Rohde and his church are all part of Jubilee Christian Family Church who all came together with their sweet treats, spaghetti and most of all, their love.
Right again - family and friends came to support, fellowship and enjoy.
Most importantly, the body of Christ glorified Jesus in their actions.  In the end, there was an insurmountable love felt in a tangible and intangible way that can never be truly expressed with words.  Today, a little baby we call Baby "M" is SO loved and he/she doesn't even know how much just yet...but in time...he/she will know the love of a forever family, a church family and the body of Christ! 

Today we felt and saw the body of Christ be the hands and feet of Jesus in a way we imagined only possible in our dreams.  Now we know that dreams really can come true in the world of adoption.  The body of Christ is helping to carry us through this 2nd adoption journey and we are thankful for each and every heart!  Thank you for your labor of love shown to us today!!!!!!!

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