Monday, May 5, 2014


A few weeks ago my husband went to Target to purchase a mattress for Baby "M".  While walking out of the store, he ran into our neighbor.  She couldn't help but to notice the mattress Mark was carrying and inquired..."Do you have news?"  Not yet...

Today a woman had come to my house to help me with some detail cleaning.  She noticed the 2nd crib set up in Niyla's bedroom and asked, "Do you have a new baby?"  My response, "BY FAITH!"  She was lit up with excitement.  I went on to explain that we are preparing a little at a time.  For me, having the visual helps remind me to be consistently in prayer for our baby and his/her birth family.  As they say...Sunday's coming!  Resurrection is coming!  The promise is coming!  We are overcoming by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony.  This conversation led to her sharing her own story of 3 losses and still now, at 60 years old she still wonders, feels the sting of the losses and shared of some glimpses of things the Lord has shown her over the years.

The Lord is doing it!  He's making space for us to share our stories and to encourage one another in the body of Christ.  People notice our walk, our talk, what we write, what we say.  It may not be perfect faith.  It may have barriers to overcome, but we can run through a troop and leap over a wall.  We can defeat every battle that comes our way because the victorious one lives inside of us and He has overcome all the devil has thrown at Him.  Are we any different as Christians?  No, not according to God's Word.  Today I pray if you have a story to share, that the Lord would make space for you to share it to encourage someone else that needs to hear your story.

As Christians, the foundation and cornerstone that we build our life upon is Jesus Christ.  Throughout life's challenges, difficulties and disappointments, if we're not careful we can build things upon that foundation based upon our experiences instead of based on the Word of God.  This creates error and puts holes in our faith.  I'm re-evaluating some things that the Lord has shown me recently that I've just accepted instead of allowing God's Word to be the ultimate standard and accept that instead of the things in life that are contrary.  I hope you'll join me in the quest for God's Word to fully manifest in your life as well.  Step-by-step He leads us as we follow Him and His ways.
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