Friday, June 6, 2014

Adopt together!

PATIENCE...We are still patiently (and I use this term very loosely as it seems to be my least favorite fruit of the spirit, though a very necessary one) awaiting and I know it's been a while since I've written a blog update.  It's not like we have a choice to be or not be patient.  It's sort of forced patience because we can't make it happen any faster.  

INSPIRED...It's hard to get inspired to write when there really is no exciting news at least none that I can physically show everyone. All the news I have is in my heart.  My hopes, my dreams, my desires, my vision, my faith and everything I know the Lord has spoken to me about for this journey.

WAIT...We've been waiting almost 16 months since the completion of our home study and we have drastically moved up the "list" of families desiring to adopt babies/children in need of a loving family.  We still believe that we are above average and believe for placement before the average 19 month wait.

OPPORTUNITY...We've had many, many profile opportunities over these last almost year and half.  Some we felt were a good fit so we went ahead and had our profile shown to the expectant parent(s) and some weren't a good fit for us so we choose to wait.

FAITH...It takes just as much faith to say no, as it does to say yes.  When we say yes, it's like you feel the train is moving forward ever so slightly and there's a possibility that this may, in fact, be the baby that the Lord has for us.  Then when we find out we aren't chosen by the expectant parent which is like a false pregnancy test and a major let down.  OR we choose to move forward and then we hear that the expectant parents changed their mind about adoption all together.  I've come to be very thankful for all of the no's that I hoped would be yes because my prayer is simple...

Lord, your will be done.  

I know that He is working out His plan in the lives of everyone involved.  He knows the child for our family, the sibling for Niyla as well as knowing the best for the expectant parents and their lives along with their decision to parent or to choose someone else besides us to be their child's parent.  When we choose not to move forward, it's just as challenging because there's the fear of the what if's...

What if this is the right one and we make the wrong decision?
What if we don't get another profile opportunity for a long time?

What if this changes or this information is added then would we still say no?
What if this is the one God has for us and we aren't hearing Him clearly?

and on and on...

TRUST...there's no better word!  We must trust our footsteps are ordered of the Lord.  We must TRUST that we hear His voice as the Scripture says the sheep know His voice and follow Him and the voice of a stranger we will not follow.

LISTEN...we have to know inside our spirit what God is saying regardless of people, circumstances or fear of the unknown.  We have to LISTEN to His voice and His direction.  When I don't hear, I have to tune in a little closer.  Shut things off more intently, perhaps pray a little more or a little longer, worship, get by myself, read a particular passage of Scripture that the Lord leads me to.

MOVE...We must keep moving.  We stay busy doing all the preparations as any expectant couple would do. We're organizing every closet, making space for the next child by getting rid of stuff, cleaning every nook, cranny, car, carpets, appliances...literally everything I can think to clean thoroughly and deeply is getting cleaned.  Saving money where we can, applying for more grants, continuing our fundraiser, setting up the new crib, getting a new diaper bag (because the last one or two have been thoroughly warn and used), checking and replacing batteries on stuff we used for Niyla as a newborn that we're preparing to use again, thinking about baby dedication and all the details, dreaming of whether it's a boy or a girl, looking forward to having a photo shoot with a newborn and his/her big sister, praying for the right fit between the siblings and more and more prayer surrounding everyone get the picture right?  We're moving in the natural and in the supernatural simply by faith.  You may not see it, you may think all of this is just so weird and strange, but to us, it's as real as the hand in front of my face.

HELP...Bottom line is we can't do all of this by ourselves.  We are doing all we can through Christ, but we need some Aaron's and Hur's.  Remember the story? Moses' arms grew tired and these two men came and provided a rock and helped hold up Moses' arms?  As they did this, everyone got the victory.  We need YOU to hold up our arms.  We need YOU to adopt with us.  How?

1. Pray for us, the expectant parents and BABY "M" every day and every time you think of us, see our picture, see a post, hear the Spirit of God tug on your heart etc.

2. Comment, like, post and share our profile to help us locate the family God has for us to connect with.  We know they are out there and with social media and technology, it's a great tool that we can utilize!

3. Make a financial contribution.  $1, $5, $10, $25, $100, $1000 Literally, whatever you can afford and are willing to donate makes an impact.  In the past two weeks, we've had 3 profile opportunities.  We are getting close, I can feel it in my spirit.  I know there's people out there that have thought about helping.  Well, now is the time.  We need your help to get involved with the Mother's Love fundraiser.  Simply donate safely through PAYPAL or send a personal donation via snail mail.  Maybe you're thinking, I'd like to do more than I can just myself.  You can!  If you'd like to have a fundraiser on our behalf at your church, your work or neighborhood, that'd be awesome!  Maybe you use baby bottles and ask people to donate their change to fill up the bottle for a week?  OR?  Feel free to be creative.  Sincerely ask the Lord what He'd have you to do.  It's not about's about a child.  We are asking you to help us adopt together so that we can move forward without the financial barrier.  

We love all of you.  For every single Aaron and Hur who has already done and continues to do these things, THANK YOU!  You make our heart happy and encouraged every single time!!!! Thank you for being a part of our journey in every single way.  The Lord hears our prayers, and He answers them.

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